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Mature content
House Trained 27 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 101 107
Mature content
Unstoppable 3 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 84 99
Days to Come {Zoro x Reader One Shot} PRIZE
Rain poured over the windshield in heavy waves, water sloshing and splattering across the glass as the wiper blades did their damnedest to keep up.  Yet it was too much for them, like someone was pouring a continuous bucket of water onto your car as you struggled to navigate the back roads home.  The other drivers made it worse, their headlights burning bright through the downpour while they sped through puddles of water that seemed to grow bigger and bigger with each passing minute.
Despite it being hard to see, much less drive, the ride was comfortable.  One would normally feel on edge when commuting through a thunderous storm where violent winds and powerful rain pummeled down, but you felt untroubled by it all.  You didn't need music or conversation, just the company of mother nature and the occasional click click click from your turn signal.
Your passenger felt the same way, his body slumped in his seat, head laid back, and arms flopped at hi
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 123 34
Mature content
Unstoppable 2 (Unknown!Mihawk x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 78 79
Starry Eyed 2 (Steampunk!One Piece x Reader)
You stared in horror as the man's head bounced on the ground, smile still wide on his face before it had registered it's decapitation.
His sliced neck hit the floor first then jumping slightly like a ball, bouncing two more times before rolling under an empty table and out of sight.
It took a few tense moments to pull your gaze away from the shadowed booth where the unseen head rested and when you finally turned away you realized there was nothing but chaos now.
After watching one of their buddies get executed, headless body still sitting in the booth, they attacked.  One of the few who had brought his musket to the dining car pulled it out and fired wildly, rage set on his face and eyes screaming for bloodshed.  You shrieked, hastily taking shelter under the booth and covered your head with your hands.  This turned out to be a good idea as the walls became littered with bullets, the officer obviously not caring if he
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 21 3
Mature content
Starry Eyed (Steampunk!One Piece x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 27 7
Family 3 (Yakuza!One Piece x Reader)
You stared down at you lap the whole car ride home, hands folding and unfolding while the driver up front kept silent.  You didn’t mind though, you needed the silence or you were sure your thoughts wouldn’t fit together right.
It was just all so much to take in.  Too much for a girl who had barely just started high school.
You weren’t prepared for this at all today.  No one would after what you had just learned.
The car pulled up to your house, the drive feeling much shorter on the way home then it had been on the way to the restaurant.   You moved to open the door but it was done for you, another man in a suit moving to the side to let you out.
Blinking, you stepped out into the sun and held back a gasp as men stood on your sidewalk, two lines of them facing you and leading all the way up to the front porch.  As soon as they saw you they bowed immediately, yelling out a ‘Welcome Home!’ so loud you were sure the house’s windo
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 58 46
Family 2 (Yakuza!One Piece x Reader)
The steaming bowl of noodles was placed down on the table, along with a small plate of lumpy dumplings just as the teen had asked for.  You had helped him into the kitchen chair before you went to prepare dinner.  You weren't a master chef but you could always make a decent bowl of ramen and it seemed to be good enough for the boy who sat up straight the instant the smell wafted through his nose.
You smiled, glad to see he was able to sit up and gestured towards the meal.  "I hope you-"
He moved like lightning, grabbing the pot of noodles instead of one of the empty bowls you had brought and started to gulp the whole thing down while he used a free hand to snatch up a handful of the steaming dumplings and shoving them in his mouth.
"A-Ah!  Um, w-wait-!"
Soon eight dumplings dwindled to seven...five....two...none.  You watched in astonishment as he finished off the plate then proceeded to swallow down the rest of the ramen, not even slowing down to let the food
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 48 10
Family (Yakuza!One Piece x Reader)
Nothing could hurt as much as this.  Nothing in all of your life would ever be this painful.  It was like you were falling down and down into a deep despair as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks passed.....It was never ending.
You sat in a daze, wearing a black dress and staring at nothing.  That's all you could do as people milled about and spoke in soft whispers, trying to be careful when around you.
"So sudden-"
"Nothing could be done."
"Poor dear."
You didn't even register them.  You didn't want to.  Their pitying gazes only made you feel pathetic and worse about everything.  You looked down at your lap, spotting a very small tear in your tights.  You stared at it, finger gently brushing the rip, your knee tingling as you did so.  You would have to buy a new pair.  Tights were very important for special occasions and one must look nice.  Job interviews, parties, graduations....funerals.
A weight seemed to bear down on you again, f
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 60 9
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 7/?? (Killer x Reader)
You weren't going to do it.  No way.  Nu-uh.  Foooooooorget it!!!
Wrap, wrap.  Crinkle.
If anything, you were going to avoid it all together!!  It seemed to be the only way.
Tape.  Crinkle.  Fold.
Yes, definitely the only way.
Fold, fold.  Crinkle.  Tape.
You smoothed down the brown paper before you stuck on the last piece of tape, stretching the clear strip down over the corner like an expert gift wrapper.  Smiling, you picked up the wrapped item and nodded, deeming it a job well done.
No one would be able to tell this was Killer's shirt.  It looked unassuming and boring, just the way you wanted it.  You could walk down the hallway without anyone taking notice, they would just think you're carrying a plain old package; nobody would ask you why you had the man's shirt, where you'd gotten it, and what you needed it for.  You were already embarrassed enough that you
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 135 167
Mature content
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 6/?? (Killer x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 78 44
Mature content
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 5/?? (Killer x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 83 40
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 4/?? (Killer x Reader)
"What the hell is wrong with you today?"  A crewmate frowned, having noticed you were turning to look behind you every few minutes during breakfast.
"Huh?"  You looked back at your friend across the table, your back already itching and making you want to look at the table just behind you.
"You keep staring at the Captain's table!"  He pointed his fork at you with a frown, "It's creepy, even for you!"
"I'm not creepy!"  You huffed with indignation, glaring at the male who now waved his fork at you.
"Just stop mooning over the Captain already and eat!"
You scowled and shoved a few eggs in your mouth, wanting to kick the man under the table for daring to say you mooned over Kid.  He was your Captain and you respected him!  You weren't in love, just...loyal.  A lowly pirate such as you was allowed to admire their own leader and devote their lives to his dream, all the while, enjoying every minute of it.  
Besides, that wasn't who you'd been looking a
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 85 52
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 3/?? (Killer x Reader)
Hiding was all you could do in this situation.  Sneak behind barrels, slip into closets, stay in your room.  It was the only real solution to staying away from Killer.  Killer and his giant, firm hands that liked to pinch lightly at your skin when you weren't looking, to poke and prod at your cheeks (both sets) when you were unaware of him, and grope whatever part of you he could when you didn't even give him the slightest bit of your attention.
You quickly learned from those encounters NOT to let him near you anymore, lest you were invited into some complicated situation where he molested you then leave you in a mess without a word or clue as to why he had done it in the first place. 
You had been quite successful in your mission to ninja, but you avoiding the infuriating first mate only spurred him on to actively look for you as well.  What sucked was that he did it so easily too.  You could be hiding in the most obscure places on the ship and as soon as
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 79 25
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 2/?? (Killer x Reader)
You didn't think about Killer all the time.  
You were a normal person.  You worried about the crew, about the next island, the next adventure.  You also enjoyed the thrill of the unknown, the crazy life at sea, and just being a pirate.
And right now, this pirate was eager to make a cup of hot chocolate.
Your bare feet padded down the ship's hallway and towards the kitchens, humming softly while leaning towards the right when the ship rocked violently to the left.  There was a huge storm going on outside, waves crashing, winds blowing, the sea trying to gobble you all whole while lightning danced across the sky.
You loved it.  Storms were always the best, on and off the ship.  The first time you were on board when a storm passed over you had been terribly sick, the ship teetering back and forth and causing your stomach to flip and turn; you had thought you were dying.  
It was also the first time your amazing Captain noticed you, realizing you
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 84 17
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 1/?? (Killer x Reader)
This is a continuation to Attention {Killer x Reader One Shot}
Killer was so polite.  So charming.  So very, very nice~!
He would clean up after most the messes on the ship.  He would help Kid with whatever he needed even if the Captain was in the worst temper, Killer would just show infinite patience and do what he could.  And what he could was always amazing and flawless.  He was even one of the best fighters on the ship, able to take out opponents with such ease that it was like he had been doing it all his life.
Killer did it in style too.  Even if he didn't realize it, he was graceful and swift, bending in ways his bulky body shouldn't be able to do and slicing through enemies as if they were paper.
He was perfect.
And you hated him so much!!
It was Killer this and Killer that!!  You may be a lowly crew member while he was the first mate, but you
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 105 32



I Hope You Guys Are Enjoying My BabyDaddy Pictures

Journal Entry: Sat May 19, 2012, 2:30 PM
  • Listening to: Youtube songs
  • Reading: Dust and Decay
  • Watching: ...boring stuff :(
  • Playing: songs in my head
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: coke
I hope you guys are enjoying my Baby Daddy pictures :D

If you don't know what they are then go check them out! Leave some comments on what you think ^.^ and also let me know who you want to be next!!! I'm going to try to do them all :D including bad guys and what not  ^.^

The first one: Baby Daddy: Law by SwordFire19

The second one: Baby Daddy: Sanji by SwordFire19

The third one: Baby Daddy: Ace by SwordFire19

The fourth one: Baby Daddy: Zoro by SwordFire19

The fifth one: Baby Daddy: Buggy by SwordFire19

Such adorable daddies!!!! :heart:


United States

Current Residence: Sunagakure :D and a million other places haha

If you wanna know something about me just ask. I like making friends and having a good conversation :)



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